The Templar Cross and its Meaning

The Templar Cross and its Meaning

The Templar Cross and its Meaning

When Christian armies grabbed Jerusalem from Muslims in 1099, a large number of pilgrims began to visit the Holy Land. Many of them died while attempting to cross Muslim-controlled areas.

Hugues de Payens agreed to establish a military order in 1118. The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon were the names he gave to the Order. This Order became known as the Knights Templar later on. They agreed to establish headquarters on the city’s Temple Mount. Knight Templars are to protect the people who traveled the Holy land. No doubt Knight templars were great warriors in history.

The Cross Meaning

The Templar cross meaning is to relate the death of the combat that was considered a great honor for the Knights templar. The Cardinal rule is that no one allows leaving the battlefield. In medieval time, Knights templar practiced, follow strcitly principle, with excellent training.

It should come as no surprise that across is one of the trademarks of a Christian warrior monk religious order. This red cross symbolised the knights’ relationship with the Church as well as their mission. The Templar cross, on the other hand, has narrow arms in the middle or straight line.

1128, the Templar Order was confirmed by Pope Honorius II. The Knights received the white vestment as a symbol of purity of their life. Pope Eugenius III recognise Red Cross symbol as 1146. The red cross on the Templars mantle was a sign of martyrdom. Dying in the battle was regarded as a great honour that guaranteed a place in heaven. They were not afarid of dying because they fought for the God.



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