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Your ultimate supplier of Masonic Regalia

London Regalia is supplying the Masonic Regalia, Masonic Aprons, Masonic Collars, Masonic Sashes, Masonic Gloves, Masonic Flags and Banners, Masonic Jewels, Masonic Apron Cases, Masonic Fez Cases and similarly all kinds of Accessories and Gifts, Masonic Apparels and much more. Distributors contact us for wholesale prices because we London Regalia are manufacturers.

london regalia customized apron orders are accepted


If we don’t have it, We can make it

London Regalia accepts all customized orders to give life to your vision. Send your all instructions and requirements with images. Finally our designer will do drawing for your kind approval. as a result many customers orders Masonic Aprons with the name and lodge name under the flap. Similarly customers order with changes of years on the body with different names and ranks. Freemasons also order with their own details.


In addition to above our products range is as under.

  • York Right like Royal Arch. Cryptic Masons and Amd / Allied Masons.
  • Scottish Rite / AASR like Scottish Rite High Degree Regalia, Scottish Rite AASR Regalia, Scottish Rite AASR Officer Sets, Memphis Misraim, Scottish Master of St. Andrew.
  • English Regalia likes Craft Regalia, Royal Arch Regalia, Royal Arc Mariner, Mark Regalia, Royal, and Select Master Regalia. Royal Order of Scotland, Order of The Secret Monitor Regalia, Red Cross of Constantine. also Masonic Order of Athelstan, Royal Antediluvian of Buffaloes R.A.O.B. Emulation Rite. Knights Templar Priest, Knight Masons, The Sovereign Grand Lodge of Malta Regalia. Knights of Malta Regalia, St. Thomas of Acon Regalia.
  • Knight Templar Regalia
  • Blue Lodge Regalia seems like Master Masons aprons, Past Master Masons, Grand Lodge Master Masons aprons, Grand Lodge Past Master Masons Aprons, Blue Lodge collars.
  • Shriner Regalia
  • OES Regalia
  • Regalia Accessories
  • like Masonic Jewels, Breast Jewels, Masonic Chain Collars, Masonic Aprons. Masonic Cuffs and Gauntlets, Masonic Gloves, Regalia Cases include aprons cases. Fez Cases, Soft and Hard Aprons and gloves and Collar cases, Masonic Aprons Belt Extensions. Masonic Banners and Covers, Masonic Swords, Neck Ties, Bow Ties, Masonic Tie Clips, Masonic Cuff Links. Masonic Polo Shirts, Masonic Hoodies, Masonic T-Shirts, Masonic Belts, Masonic Caps and Hats,

In conclusion, we supply almost all range of regalia. Therefore our customers are very happy with our online shop. In other words one-stop-shop services. For this reason, we get even more loyal customers.

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