Masonic Hats

Masonic Hats

Masonic Hats

Masonic Hats

The Master of the Lodge wears Masonic hats to show his power, rank. The origin of masonic hats goes back many centuries. The hat worn by masters indicates the crown that wore king Solomon’s heads.

The masters of lodges mostly worn Stetson Homburg or Fedora style hats in the united states. Other brands are also worn. In history, Masonic scholar and historian Albert Mackey wrote bout hats in 1929.

In Christian countries, it is a symbol of respect to uncovering their head in the presence of superiors. when they are in church mostly people don’t cover their head with a cap or hat. Peoples are removing their shoes when entering the worship place.


In the past, kings wear crowns to show their rank. The other courtiers standing in the court removed their hats in the honor of the king.

Ancient Romans

The ancient Romans were said to pray with their heads covered or veiled. Those people who free-by-birth wore pileus, woolen caps. But slaves were not allowed to wore caps.

London’s House of Commons

An ancient member of the English parliament, London’s House of Commons, always wore a hat when he addressed in the member of the house. If he forgot to wore their hat, the other member shouted at them.


In France, monks at the Sorbonne(University of Paris) removed their caps if they did not wish to talk with anyone.

Masonic Hats in United States

In the United States, Masters wear hats at the time of the lodge session. Some Grand Lodges require that the hats with a brim. It is not a prerequisite for everybody. They only demand that the worship master head covered all time.

Hats Internationally

In Several jurisdictions in the world, it is also common to see many different styles of Masonic hats.

Is it necessary for the Worshipful Master to wear a Masonic hat?

Masonic hats are the exclusive property of the Master of the Lodge. It is a most respectful position that they covered their head with hats. But if you have still more questions about this please call your Grand lodge to grab more information.

The Worshipful Master position is the Lodge in the most prominent, prestigious, and sacred. The place of the worship master is Lodge in one of the three lesser lights. The other two lights are Sun and the moon. Masonic hats are a sign of the Master’s authority or hold. In the world, masonic hats are different in jurisdictions but the hats should be dressed in a polite, classic, or conventional manner.

Styles of Masonic Hats

In different parts of the United States and different jurisdictions around the world, Worshipful Masters wore diverse styles hats. Satin top hats, folding top hats, felt top hats, men’s fedora hats, derbies hats, bowlers hats. Around the world in other jurisdictions, they wear a variety of Masonic hats, caps, and tams in some jurisdictions around the world.

Freemasons that affiliated with Prince Hall wear a white top hat, black top hat, or white fedora hat. Most Freemasons are aware that ritual and duties and Masonic symbols vary somewhat around the world. Freemasonry lives in different parts of the world. They speak different languages and wear different hats come together as one within the brotherhood of Freemasonry.

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