Masonic Orbs

Masonic Orbs

Masonic Orbs:

These are masonic jewelry. It is also known as a golden globe and cross fob, or Masonic orb. That is the symbolism of a Masonic orb. It opens to reveal a cross-shaped pendant. This can also act as a pocket watch fob.

These orbs contain a pyramid and hand contain engraved masonic symbol. This is used for a pendant or a pocket watch. Many Masonic jewelry pieces are 9 karats or 10 karats gold on the outside and gilt on the inside. Different orbs in golden or silver color. To see these orbs we know about that who craftsman made this. The symbols of the opening and closing wy of the orbs.

masonic orbs

The pendant is just 5/8 of an inch in diameter 1.6 cms when closed, and its maximum drop is just under a full inch high 2.5 Cms. It’s around the weight of 12.41 grams.

The ornate Hood and O-ring can be seen here. The six pyramids are yet to be opened.

masonic orbs

The cross measures approximately 4.5cm in length 3cm in width when fully open, except for its Hood and 0 Ring. It is clear that this hand-crafted piece was made by a highly skilled Master goldsmith because of its small scale, the minute engraving on each pyramid, and the internal hinge attachments between pyramids that are not visible from the outside.

Masonic orbs


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