Masonic Gloves

Masonic Gloves

Being a Freemason is a great privilege to dressing smartly and discretely. A fascinating feature of a Freemason’s masonic regalia is the wearing of white gloves. It is believed that when freemasonry meets with each other to wear gloves as an indication of equality.

What the Gloves Symbolizes:

In history, if a tradesman met with the clerk. The tradesman hand rough and the clerk hands soft. By wearing Gloves every Freemasonry hand looks Clean. Then no one knows that other person’s employment category by shaking hands. The Gloves symbols are similar to the symbol of the apron. Both refer to the purification of one’s life.

Psalm 24:3-4: Who may ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place? The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god.

The apron represents the “pure heart,” while the gloves represent the “clean hands.” Both are symbolic of purification. Although our American and English Masons have only worn the apron and have dismissed the gloves as a Masonic symbol.

Washing of Hands:

Psalmist says,
“I will wash my hands in innocence, and I will encompass thine altar, Jehovah.”

The washing of hands, as a sign of purity, was a peculiarly religious ritual among the ancients. No one can pray to the gods unless his hands were clean.

Masonic Gloves Purity:

It is true that werning the masonic glove idea from ancient. The universal language of symbolism. The Masonic Gloves indicate purity. The builders, who formed businesses, traveled throughout Europe and worked on the building of palaces and cathedrals. They wear pieces of clothing by which they protected their hand from pollutions.

Ecclesiastical Gloves:

Jews do the same practice. This is the symbol of the well-known action of “Pilate”. Pilate took water and wash people’s hands and says them. Washing their hands is belong that you are innocent of the blood of Jesus. we say that is the practice of purity.

White Kid Masonic Gloves:

In Germany, France, or other Countries of Europe if someone newly joined Freemasonry. They gave a white leather apron or two pairs of white kid gloves. One for men or the other for his wife.

White Gloves:

In history when we search about Freemasonry Gloves. We know that Freemasons always wore white Gloves at some events. The Gloves made of linen and White. White Gloves show purity and chastity. This represents that the hand was clean from any impurity.

The Presentation of Masonic Gloves:

White Gloves wore different events or duties of the lodge, Formal clothing of a mason. Freemasonry participants wore white Gloves with a white apron.

Masonic Gloves:

When we see the painting about freemasonry work history that know every mason were worn gloves to protect their hand from rough stone and lime. It is true that in the middle ages Masons wore gloves to protect their hands from the effects of the work. Sometimes Masons have known the White Gloves. They are a symbol of honor and Purity.

Masonic Gloves white Masonic Knight Templar Red Cross

Masonic Gloves Black

Masonic Black Knights Templar Leather Gauntlets


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