Masonic Gloves

Masonic Gloves

Masonic Gloves

Masonic Gloves

Being a Freemason entitles you to dress formally and discreetly. The donning of white gloves is an interesting part of a Freemason’s masonic attire. It is believed that when freemasonry meets with each other wear gloves as an indication of equality.

What the Gloves Symbolize:

If a tradesman met with the clerk in the past. The clerk’s hands are delicate, while the tradesmen are rough. Gloves make every Freemasonry hand appear clean. By shaking hands, no one knows the other person’s occupation category. The symbols on the gloves are similar to those on the apron. Both terms refer to a person’s life being purified.

Psalm 24:3-4: Who is permitted to ascend the Lord’s mountain? Who is permitted to stand in his sacred place? Whoever has clean hands and a pure heart, does not trust in an idol, and does not swear by a false god.

The apron symbolizes a “pure heart,” and the gloves symbolize “clean hands.” Both are cleansing symbols. Although modern American and English Masons have only worn the apron, the gloves have been discarded as a Masonic symbol.

Washing of Hands:

Psalmist says,
“I will wash my hands in innocence, and I will encompass thine altar, Jehovah.”

Hand washing was a distinctively religious activity among the ancients as a sign of purity. It is impossible to pray to the gods unless one’s hands are clean.

Masonic Gloves Purity:

True, the masonic glove idea dates back to ancient times. Symbolism is a universal language. The Masonic Gloves are symbols of purity. The builders moved around Europe, forming enterprises and working on the construction of palaces and cathedrals. They wear apparel that protects their hands from pollutants.

Ecclesiastical Gloves:

The same thing is done by Jews. This is a representation of the well-known “Pilate” action. Pilate took water and washed the hands of the people before speaking to them. Washing their hands shows that they are not guilty of Jesus’ blood. That, we say, is the purity practice.

White Kid Masonic Gloves:

If someone recently joined Freemasonry in Germany, France, or another European country. They offered two pairs of white kid gloves or a white leather apron. One is for him, while the other is for his wife.

White Gloves:

When we look into Freemasonry Gloves in the past, we find a lot of information. At particular events, we know that Freemasons always wore white gloves. Gloves are made of linen and are white. White gloves represent virginity and purity. This indicates that the hand was free of any impurities.

The Presentation of Masonic Gloves:

White Gloves also wore different events or duties of the lodge, Formal clothing of a mason. Freemasonry participants wore white Gloves with a white apron also.

Masonic Gloves:

So, When we see the painting about freemasonry work history we know every mason were worn gloves to protect their hand from rough stone and lime. It is true that in the middle ages Masons wore gloves to protect their hands from the effects of the work. Sometimes Masons have known the White Gloves. They are a symbol of honor and Purity.

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