Ostby Barton Masonic Ring

Ostby Barton Masonic Ring

Ostby Barton Masonic Ring

The Ostby Barton ring history is too old. The company established by Nathan B. Barton on July 1, 1879, in Providence, Rhode Island. Ostby was a goldsmith who came to the United States from Norway. He is the co-founder of the company. This company becomes the largest producer of gold rings in the united states.

Beginning in 1906, he becomes a very successful jeweler. He and his daughter Helen traveled to Europe to see new styles of rings and also purchased gemstones for his jewelry business. So In 1912, it was time to set out for Providence, Rhode Island. He and his daughter traveling first class on the titanic.

After the collision of the iceberg, father and daughter waited for the life board, temperature is so high due to this they return back to their cabin to pick warmer clothes. When he was not returned so his daughter forcefully goes to life board without his father. She was survived. Helen and her sister or brother became joint owners of Ostby Barton. In 1950, the company stopped producing Ostby barton jewelry. Helen died at age 88 in 1978.

Ostby Barton a partition of the Contact Products Group, manufactures engineered custom contact probes for testing bare and loaded printed circuit boards. when stopped to made jewelry, before this Ostby and barton made masonic jewelry for men’s and women’s. Art Deco rings, filigree rings, cameo rings, and other ornate Victorian styles were common at the time and remain so today.

Ostby & Barton jewelry company was highly desired by fine antique jewelry collectors due to their according to their excellent workmanship. Ostby Barton Masonic ring was made,no one knows exactly the date of production. The Ostby Masonic ring is at least 50 years old.

The Ostby Barton Masonic Ring is not for sale.

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