How Did Bernard de Clairvaux Influenced the Knights Templar

How Did Bernard de Clairvaux Influenced the Knights Templar

How Did Bernard de Clairvaux Influenced the Knights Templar

More pilgrims visited the Holy Land after the First Crusade ended than ever before. Many of these pilgrims were targeted because they were vulnerable, and they lost their belongings and, in some cases, their lives. Hugues de Payens, with his eight relatives, called a group of knights. They requested permission from King Baldwin II of Jerusalem to the protection of the pilgrims.

Hugues de Payens traveled around Europe and meet with noblemen or meeting with rulers. He was successful in attracting a significant number of new knights to the order. So he got helped Bernard de Clairvaux many times when he was convinced of Christian culture.

Bernard of Clairvaux

Bernard was a French man. He belongs in the noble family. He was the primary builder of the reforming Cistercian monastic order. We can see the gap between Bernard of Clairvaux and the Knights of the Temple isn’t so great. Hugh de Payens came from the region near to Bernard’s family. Before Bernard left for Citeaux, my be they know each other. Bernard also knows the Hugh of Champagne, who had left his lordship to join the Templars in Jerusalem. He gave bernard to the land to build his Clairvaux.

Hugh spent their life peacefully in the Court. In 1125, everything was given to the high, like the first Grand Master of the Templars, power, wife, or fight in Crusades. In 1129, Bernard was present at the Council of Troyes to witness the Templars’ official recognition. Bernard was written as the rule for the knights templar life. He wrote the rule “Saint Benedict” which described that the monk who lived communally under an abbot’s authority.

Now the rules changing in the knight templars life history. Bernard de Clairvaux’s encouragement was what the Templars needed to become such a powerful order.

Bernard de Clairvaux Influenced the Knights Templar

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