Gold Masonic Rings

Gold Masonic Rings

Gold Masonic Rings

Now today the masons have considered the largest fraternity. In the world, each masonic lodge exists and operates according to ancient principles. Every lodge has its own rules and principles. When the point comes to the masonic rings then the masonic rings have different lodges. But the ring indicates that each part is unique and worn by Freemasons.

The masonic ring is and symbol on its most reconsigned emblem that Freemasons wore with the third finger of the right hand. Gold was the most precious metal in the world when freemasons were started to worn masonic rings. The world’s great culture built gold treasures and other gold items set for their most important rituals.

Gold is always the symbol of power and wealth. The Gold was associated with the power of the sun and its life-giving power to the Egyptians and the Romans. As ancient Egyptian rulers, kings, and rich peoples wore gold to show their rank, strength, and power.

Other ancient cultures in the world had goldsmiths including China, Greece, the Etruscans, the Hebrews of Israel, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East. The North American Indians, Aztecs, Mayans, Pre-Columbians, and Incans were also talented at creating gold jewelry.

King Solomon’s Temple

Masonic rings made with gold or silver or any other base metals. But in the era, of King Solomon masonic rings are not made. But Gold already exists. The Holy of Holies, also known as the Middle Chamber, was made entirely of gold by Solomon.

King Solomon ordered Hiram the entire Holy of Holies with gold, but also the cups, snuffers, basins, spoons, and censors were made pure gold. The Temple’s posts, door hinges, walls, doors, candlesticks, roses, lamps, floor, and entrance doors made of gold. Other metals like bronze, silver, and iron were also used gold was known as the most precious metal.

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The purity of the Middle Chamber is symbolized by the gold in Masonic rings, but pure gold is not recommended for Masonic jewelry. Gold is very soft, gold is the most malleable of the jewelry-grade metals. When the other metals silver, and copper combined with gold it makes it heavier and more durable.

Gold Masonic rings were different colors caused by the different percentages of alloy metal creates. “Au” is the technical abbreviation for gold. It’s known as “Oro” in Spanish. It’s named “Gold” in German, “Guld” in Swedish, and “Goud” in Dutch.

Karats: The purity of gold is Mesure in karts 14k, 24k. 24k is pure gold. To make one ounce of pure gold, several tonnes of mined ore are necessary.

18 Karat Gold: 18 karat gold includes 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy. Masonic rings are 18/24th or 3/4 pure gold. It is labeled “18K” in the United States. It indicates 750 which means 750/1000 gold in Europe.

10 Karat Gold: 10K is made up of 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy, gold scratch resistant, hardest.


Ring pricing is the following:

  • Karats (10, 14, 18)
  • Gram Weights (weight of gold on the ring)
  • Design
  • Craftsmanship construction

A Masonic Rings gold karatage alone does not completely reflect the price of the ring. They also include the other factors time and craftsmanship or artistic design. Masonic rings in gold and white gold are both common options in Masonic jewelry.

Gold masonic rings are popular. White gold masonic rings have a lower gold content than other rings. white gold Masonic rings are more durable, scratch resistant, and do not need as much polishing as gold Masonic rings.

Apprentice Rings and Fellowcraft Rings:

Many times, only masonic rings are available on the internet. Although “Entered Apprentice Rings” and “Fellowcraft Rings” are often searched. In the United States, a man may earn the degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Craftsman in a few months. To wear a master mason ring firstly you become a master mason. Most men do not buy a Master Mason ring until they have been raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. Many Blue Lodge Masonic rings are made of gold or other metals and feature the square and compass.

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