How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

Knights templar become rich because the Knights Templar were the most enterprising of religious orders, profiting from a wide range of services including early forms of banking and the transportation of goods and people. When people travel particularly from the West to the East. The knight templars are exempted from the taxes.

The trading started with Muslims and Christians created a chain of commerce. The knight templars give their shops to the rent and become exchange brokers. The templars were expanded their business to fund military obligations in the east, selling wine and horses, owning mills.

On the other hand, they started a banking business they get more profit more from this business. They had Europe’s first banking system. People on pilgrimages to Jerusalem who did not want to be robbed gave their money and valuables to the Templars.

The templars issue ‘check’ for the number of valuables, which they could cash at the Templar temple/church in Jerusalem. Money transfers to the East, which necessitated ships carrying coins, were an important part of the Order’s trading transactions. Now the knight templars day by day become richer.


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