Timeline of the Knights Templar

Timeline of the Knights Templar

Timeline of the Knights Templar

Timeline of the Knights Templar:

Knights Templar began as a poor and religious band of knights sworn to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They grew to be the most powerful and wealthy religious order of the Middle Ages; with a major role in the military, political, and financial affairs of the time.

The banking system introduces knight templars. The Knights Templar was a military monastic order during the Crusades. To understand knight templar life in 21 century. So Many Books or novels and movies represent the history of a knight templars.

The Temple of King Solomon was founded in Jerusalem in 1000 B.C. During the First Crusade (1095–99), several Crusader states established in the Holy Land. In late 1119 or early 1120; eight or nine French knights led by Hugh de Payns vowed to dedicate themselves to the pilgrims’ protection and to establish a religious group for that purpose.

The Templars received further approval in 1128 at the Council of Troyes. Bernard of Clairvaux to write the new “Rule of the Templar”. It is write  rules and regulations that organize everyone’s lives.


Pope Innocent issues a title (“Every Good Gift”) supporting and defending the Knights Templar. It grants the order extraordinary privilege and independence. They don’t paying church taxes. Except for the Holy See, they are not accountable to any king, baron, or other authority.

1175 Saladin, a Muslim military leader of Kurdish Sunni personal mission is to wipe the crusaders off the map.1187 knight templars and Christian army fought with Saladin. Saladin personally supervised the execution of nearly 200 Templar. Jerusalem falls back into Muslim hands just months after this decisive battle.


After the 2nd crusades launch the Third Crusade and retake Jerusalem.1191 knights templars moved the city of Acre. Then this city became the new headquarter for the knight templars.

Knight Templers Fall:

13 October 1307 the Knights Templar begin to fall.  Philip IV of France orders the Templars to be arrested at dawn in France. So Clement orders all Christian kings to arrest Templars in their lands on November 22.They arrest Grand Master and other 60 Templers.

Timeline of the Knights Templar

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