Masonic Knights Malta Leather Gauntlets


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Masonic Knights Templar

Masonic Leather Gauntlets


  • Available in Small, Med, Large & XL.
  • Come with an embroidered Cross.
  • Made with 100% Leather indeed.
  • Perfect gifting option for fellow members.
  • Inner lining provides comfort wear.
  • Masonic Black Knights Malta
  • Masonic Leather Gauntlets

A pair of plain Black gloves, worn by freemason at lodge festivals, functions, and investiture ceremonies. They are skin-friendly with a soft inner lining that keeps your hands warm. The pair of gloves is one of the best collections for freemasons and these are of very high quality indeed. Masonic Black Knights Templar Leather Gauntlets are made of premium quality leather which is highly durable and sturdy. So, It offers comfortable fitting to your hands. The beautiful embroidered white color cross looks elegant on this black leather gauntlet.

We made these from 100% pure leather which’s why these are highly durable. It is in black color and the Maltese cross is in white color and which is elegantly embossed on the finely finished surface of the leather gauntlets.

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