Royal Arch PZ Collar Jewel    

Collar Jewel – Royal Arch PZ Collar Jewel


  • PZ Collar Jewel is stunning and beautiful
  • Base Metal, Gilt.
  • Having a loop to attach to the collar
  • Diameter: 7,5 cm / 3″
  • Slider to fit under the jacket collar
  • Swivel Clip to attach Jewel
  • As well as fantastic detailing and high-quality gold polishing
  • Expert craftsmen created this piece that represents the perfect freemasonry symbol
  • Standard Quality


A beautifully engraved circle It likely dates from the late 1940s or early 50s. A great piece for masons who like quality “bling” or collectors.

After seeing it, you will certainly add this wonderful piece of collar jewelry to your regalia collection. It features a circular form and the best gold plating, giving it a lovely appearance. It also contains minute intricacies and great designs carved on it, demonstrating the significance of the Freemason fraternity. You can even offer it to your brothers, friends, or loved ones as a gift.

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