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  • Preceptors for Knights Templar of High-Quality Maroon Knights Cross on the mantle, with a Maroon, lined hood
  • Cords and Knots in White
  • Metal hook and fixing at the neck
  • Available in Small, Med, Large
  • 70% polyester or 30% Cotton 
  • Mantle Colour Cream
  • Standard Quality


The sizes available are as follows;

  • Small (45 inches)
  • Medium (48 inches)
  • Large (51 inches)
  • Extra Large (54 inches)


Preceptors mantle in cream with dark red accent for Knights Templars. Preceptors’ cross, dark red inner hood lining, and white cords are all included. The mantle comes in a range of sizes. The requirement obliged knights to wear the white mantle at all times.

They couldn’t eat or drink till they were wearing it. As a sign of martyrdom, the Templars wore a red cross on their robes. They were dying in the fight to wear the mantle, which is a tremendous honor and a sure spot in paradise.

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