Five Miniature Jewels | Set for Members


SKU: LR-AMJ-00508


Member’s Set of 5 Miniature Jewels

Member’s Set of 5 Miniature Jewels


  • Complete set of 5 miniature jewels for members of the Allied Masonic Degrees.
  • Hard gold plated jewels with hard enamel color on various colored grosgrain ribbons.
  • Engraved hard gold plated top bars
  • Polished to a high standard
  • Excellent quality and detail
  • Stickpin fitting on the back


A superior quality tiny set of 5 jewels by Allied Masonic Degrees (England), wonderfully fashioned on a simple metal bar with a brooch type fastening pin on the back, created and manufactured for us to our high and rigorous standards.

The 5 jewel bar is for the following degrees:-

  • St. Lawrence the Martyr
  • Knight of Constantinople
  • Grand Tilers of Solomon
  • The Red Cross of Babylon
  • The Holy Order of Grand High Priest

A newly admitted member of the Allied Masonic Degrees can instantly use the 5 jewel bar because the jewels can flip over into your breast pocket for the degrees not yet completed. It can then be used till the member has finished his year as chair and obtained District Honours. An excellent product for a new or current member to utilize for many years and then pass on to another member when no longer needed.
92.5mm bar length (will comfortably fit into a breast pocket)

Jewels fluctuate in length from the top of the bar to the bottom of the gem, ranging from 73mm (shortest) to 88mm (longest).

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