Knight Templar Firing Sword Silver plated

Sword – Knight Templar Firing Sword Silver plated


  • Handle – Silver plated
  • Blade – Stainless Steel with Silver etching

The Templar Order was created in 1118 with the goal of preserving pilgrimage routes and keeping holy sites safe. To begin with, the Knights Templar considered themselves to be God’s Knights, guarding the honor of the church and Christianity. As a result, the Templars fought with the Crusaders in the battle for the Holy Lands. However, it was an incredibly well-organized military force.

The sword represents the knight’s right to execute justice. The blade’s double edge continuously reminds the knight to strike a balance between justice and mercy. The knight’s spirit, however, must be temper by both adversity and compassion. The steel of the sword, like the steel of the sword, must be tempered in fire and water.

This Knights Silver Plated Firing Sword will leave you speechless with just one glimpse. This is an example of painstaking labor and exceptional inventiveness. It is an excellent gift to bestow to a masonic brother.

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