Knight Templar Mantle Badge

Mantle Badge – Knight Templar Mantle Badge


  • Hand embroidered
  • Garter badges
  • The name of the province 
  •  manufactured with gold bullion wire
  • The office sign is display.
  • 210mm x 200mm Diameter
  • Quality Standard


The finest fabrics are use to create these round shaped Masonic emblems. The expert weavers have created a stunning masonic insignia with an excellent level of craftsmanship and polish. The carefully crafted surface of the Knights Templar Provincial _ Great Priory Mantle Badge features wonderful 3D embroidered work. This Masonic insignia is worn on the mantle by Masonic officers at lodge meetings, investiture ceremonies, and other activities.

Apply Knight Templar mantle badges in the center of the red cross. Mantle badges of the Knights of Malta should be worn above the Malta Cross, in the center of the upper two arms, with the bottom of the badge aligned with the tops of the two arms.

The regalia of a Knight Templar and a Knight of Malta are vastly different. Parts of the Regalia change when a Knight is install as a Preceptor or is decorate with Provincial or Great Priory status.

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