Cufflinks Masonic Black Lodge


  • Square Silver-tone steel cuff links
  • Classic Square and Compass
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CuffLinks Masonic Black Lodge

CuffLinks – CuffLinks Masonic Black Lodge


  • Square Silver-tone steel cuff links
  • Classic Square and Compass
  • Freemasons Symbol on a black enamel background

Thus, Freemasonry is more than just a fraternity. It’s a way of life for them. Most masons who confess to belonging to a freemason lodge are known for letting the lodge’s principles rule their lives and believing in its ideas almost religiously. If you are a freemason, you are almost certainly absolute. Great as a Masonic Lodge Gift, Regalia or Formal Wear accessory. Freemasons Symbol on a black enamel background.

Freemasonry is a mythical society with centuries of rituals and customs, as well as a mysterious and secretive aura. The square and compass, the level and plumb rule, and the trowel are some of the symbols used by freemasons to signify their fraternal organization’s existence. We selected the first of the above-mentioned symbols, the square, and compass, for this stylish cufflink set. 

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