The Kilt Belt Antique Tan


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The Kilt Belt Antique Tan

Kilt Belt – The Kilt Belt Antique Tan


  • Handmade
  • Italian Tanned Leather

It Upholds Tradition! For your kilt and tweed suit, Kilt Belt is an essential complement. Our handcrafted Kilt Belt is made of durable and sturdy Italian Tanned leather while our design encourages simplicity.

Feel inspired to choose a color from our large range that suits your kilt or Day Sporran, combining it well with the internal pocket color, and have it handmade for your special occasion.

Use the kilt belts & buckles to offer a traditional look to keep your kilt fastened and in shape. For a high-quality finish, made with real leather, and comes with a varying range of silver chrome buckles to complete the look. For a traditional design, the buckles come in Celtic or Highland designs.


London Regalia offers at a reasonable price for our goods that is lower than another local supermarket. So, at a reasonable price, purchase your preferred product and save a huge amount of money.


Note: We accept all custom orders. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations. We are going to add a range of Scottish Kilt to fulfill the needs. All Kilt Collection will be of the best quality. Must check our Masonic Aprons. You can also visit freemasonry history.


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