Famous Knights Templar Figures

Famous Knights Templar Figures

Famous Knights Templar Figures

The knight templars were great warriors in history. No doubt knight templars are monastic military order in the medieval ages. They were responsible to protect pilgrims in Jerusalem and traveling to the holy land. They were the great masonic military order. The Templars were involved in many battles, Crusades and they develop a banking system also. The Knights Templar was a prominent Christian group with a wealthy membership.

Many noble leaders entered the knight templar society. Some famous knights Templar figures are following.

Hugues de Payens: was a co-founder of a knight templars. He is the first Grand Master of the Templar. With Bernard of Clairvaux, he wrote many Latin Rule for templars the code of behavior for the Order. He served 20 years for the Templars. The Templars were so influential financially, religiously, and politically during this period.

Afonso I, King of Portugal: nicknamed the Conqueror, spent more time fighting with Moors. He kept the Knights Templar in high regard and made several contributions to the order.

Geoffroi de Charney: Geoffroi, accepted the knight order at a very young age. He was the preceptor of Normandy for the templars. Geoffroi and other Knights Templar were burned in the stake by the order of the King. He devoted his life to the Templars.

Bernard of Clairvaux: is attend the Council of Troyes, at which he drew the outline of the Knights Templar Rule, which became the Christian nobility’s ideal.

Above mention, names are some famous examples of figures in history. Many others are also. They dedicate their lives. Knight templars had left their great influences in the holy land. They had a direct connection with the kings, church.

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