The Templars and the Holy Grail

The Templars and the Holy Grail

The Templars and the Holy Grail

Around 1118 A.D, Hugues de Payens established a military order with eight relatives and acquaintances which became known as the Knights Templar. During the Middle Ages knight templars to Protect European pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. And they conduct military operations. Templar travelers in the Middle East. The Knights Templar swore that they would never surrender. They were well-trained, well-organized, and well-equipped as well.

One is that it was the cup in which Jesus received the first communion at the Last Supper. Christ invited his disciples to share his blood, the blood of the new and everlasting sacrament.

The story of the grail great part is that ‘Jesus’ great uncle. He is described as the great uncle of Jesus while he was on the cross, he collected the blood of his grand-nephew. This story is told in the Gospel of Nicodemus. When elders were placed Joseph in a sealed tomb. However, the Grail supplied Joseph with food and water every morning, helping him to survive this ordeal.

King Arthur contribute to the theory and quest for the holy grail. No one has known exactly bout the connection between the holy grail and knight templars.

Some claim the holy grail is more than a figment of medieval fiction, despite the fact that it is commonly regarded as mythic. According to some Arthurian stories, Joseph of Arimathea carried the grail to England.

According to tradition, the water flows red on the spot where he buried the grail because it passes through Christ’s blood. But scientists believe that this is just the result of red. Others believe that the Knights Templar seized the holy grail from Temple Mount during the Crusades and secreted it away.

The Templars and the Holy Grail

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