Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony

Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony

Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony

After completing the Master Mason certification, the Worshipful Master of the Lodge or other Lodge officials presents the new Masonic Fraternity member with a Bible. During a Masonic Bible Presentation Ceremony, he is presented with this Bible.

Being given this Master Mason book of scriptures is a huge advantage for any Master Mason. The service represents a new beginning for Master Mason on the Trestle Board of life within the Masonic clique.

Masonic Bible Presentation
             Masonic Bible Presentation

Brother, you have completed your apprenticeship as a stone hewer in stone quarries and a burden conveyor. You’ve visited and ascended to the prestigious position of Master Mason, making you a work manager. And you are currently a Master Mason with the authority to travel to different countries, work, and earn Master Mason’s wages.

So You have Given Tools:

You’ve been given all of the tools you’ll need, as well as instructions on how to use them. You’ve been taught how to use the 24-inch check to properly divide your time. This will allow you to have 8 hours of rest as well as 8 hours of help from your kindred man and the love of your Creator.

The ordinary gavel has been given to you in order to free your inner voice and brain from life’s indecencies. As a result, you will continue to hold your rightful place in the eternal Heavens. When the time comes, it won’t be in a house made of hands.

You were given the plumb to show you how to square your activities with the square of ideas. And how you can meet and function on a level playing field. The inside scoop has been given to you in order for you to spread the love and friendship that binds the Freemason organization together. This adoration binds us together and establishes us as a globally recognized Brotherhood.

You, on the other hand, desire something different. Something that every laborer requires. You have not yet received your schedule of events. Your Trestle Board has yet to be given to you. It is a privilege and an honor to introduce you to this Trestle Board.

Bible is your book of plans

This Bible is your plan book. It is the most comprehensive set of plans that can be given to any individual. In all climates, in distress, happiness, affliction, wellbeing, wealth, and destitution, this Bible contains plans to support, guide, and solace you. This Bible will provide you with all of the appropriate responses you require.

You are free to use this Bible in any way you see fit. We aren’t the ones who will tell you how to use it. You should also learn how to use it on your own. Furthermore, you may choose to look for the light in the ten edicts given to Moses, the witness’s demonstrations, King Solomon’s expressions, the records in the book of Exodus, or the insight gained from King Solomon’s axioms.

You can see the appropriate responses you’re looking for in the expressions of that humble woodworker who lived a perfect and humble life 2000 years ago. Regardless of your decision, consult this incredible book for guidance, and you will find your solution. You may bomb this book, but it will never bomb you.

As a result, we present you with this Trestle Board, a Book of Plans brimming with incredible blessings and wishes. This Trestle Board is yours to use in business, social situations, and everyday life.

We implore you to go forth and do your work as a Master Mason and a Man now that you have been fully equipped with your Trestle Board.

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