Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls

Rainbow Girls

Tiffany Wagner


Over the hills and across the sky
Where eagles and birds love to fly
Lies a secret to behold
Of many stories, never told

That is the bow in the sky
Held by GOD, up ever so high
At the end lays a pot of gold
None of which is ever sold

For the gold is more than meets the eye
Deep within, Futures lie
The souls of young girls you see
That gold belongs to you and me

As we learn each lesson taught
Teachers are ladies who care a lot
All our hard work will continue to pay
For in our hearts these lessons stay

We make ourselves happy and proud
A quiet joy, never loud
Without these times full of fun
Many things we could have never done

So I ask and So I pray
That there will be another day
I will help each girl, If I may
So they too can find their way

Along the road of life, we know all too well
To find the gold that no one sells
Our daughters, Daughters will continue to be
Rainbow girls like you and me.

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