Royal Masons – Arch Grand PHP Red Cap


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Royal Arch Grand Past High Priest PHP Bullion Hand Embroidered Cap Red

Royal Masons Arch Grand Past High Priest PHP Bullion Hand Embroidered Cap Red


  • Masonic Red_cap with Gold Braid
  • Hand_Embroidered
  • Red_Fabric
  • Excellent quality


Masonic caps are the symbol of masons. They wear caps for honor and dignity. Royal Masons are wearing these caps not from this age but from the centuries. It becomes part of their dress codes. So, they wear it on different occasions, events, even in their lodges for honor, and to give someone honors these masonic caps use from the beginning of masonic life. Although, their styles are changed with the passage of time. The modern standard cap is a hard, black silk hat, with fur now often used. Moreover, The acceptable colors of hats are much as they have traditionally been, with “white” hats (which are actually grey), a daytime racing color, worn at the less formal occasions.


Firstly, as practiced in North American lodges, caps are often associated with the position of Worshipful Master as he is the only member allowed the privilege of wearing a head covering to signify his leadership within the lodge. However, the Master is not obliged to wear a cap or hat and can wear whatever type of hat he deems appropriate for the occasion. So, this is because there are varying degrees of formality in different Lodges, from formal wear to everyday dress.

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