Provincial Stewards Collar Jewel


  • The flag of the stewards is placed in the center of the red enameled surface.
  • It has a round hook on the back for attaching to a collar
SKU: LR-CRJ-00128


Provincial Stewards Collar Jewel

Provincial Stewards Collar Jewel


  • The Gold plated finish
  • The text “Province” is imprint on the golden surface.
  • It is Designed for Stewards Regalia and will be customize; to the customer’s Province and Rank
  • The flag of the stewards is place in the center; of the red enameled surface.
  • It has a round hook on the back for attaching to a collar.
  • It has Smooth edges
  • The base is a dark red solid enamel base.


London Regalia sells this beautiful Provincial Stewards’ Collar Jewel. This carefully crafted piece stands tall among the standards of Freemasonry. Your province’s lettering is engrave on the gold surface of the jewel; and a stewards’ flag is set in the center on a red enamel surface.

We present to you the finest quality oval shaped collar jewel made of quality material; and fitted with a strong loop fitting for attachment to the collar. Our professional employees have created this lovely collar gem in a very elegant manner; with outstanding detailing and finishing. This classy collar jewel is ideal for gracing a Freemason’s collar.

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