Masonic Regalia Case – 33 Degrees Cap Case


  1. Item: Masonic Cap case
  2. Black Imitation Leather
  3. Diameter : 22cm
  4. Height : 10cm
SKU: LR-MCH-00061


Masonic Scottish Rite Double-Eagle 33 Degrees Hat/Cap Case

Masonic  Regalia Case -Scottish Rite Double-Eagle 33 Degrees Hat/Cap Case


  1. Item: Masonic Cap case
  2. Zip Opening
  3. Black Imitation Leather
  4. Size standard
  5. Diameter : 22cm
  6. Height : 10cm
  7. Convenient to Carry and Store


Hat/Cap Case Blue Masonic Knights of the York Cross of Honour This is a new styled, imitation leather Cap case, with a design that makes it convenient to carry and store. Strength and durability are provided by fully stitched seams. This apron case is currently available in imitation leather in Black, Blue, and Red. This lovely case will keep your cap safe and It is light and so it is easy to carry with you.

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