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Knights of Malta Tunic

Knights of Malta Tunic – Masonic Supplies


  1. Best Quality Malta Tunic
  2. Nicely Made in Red with Excellent Fabric
  3. Knights Malta Cross is in White
  4. Adorn your style after wearing this indeed 
  5. Maltese cross ensign which is associated with Knights of Malta is beautifully embroidered by the master weavers
  6. It Comes in full sleeves
  7.  It has 2 buttons fastening to the rear
  8. Available in all sizes.

This is made with premium quality fabric. This masonic item is in red and is worn at lodge dinner parties, meetings, and investiture ceremonies. This is easy to wear and comes in various sizes and colors. Our Knight Malta Tunics come in two qualities, the standard quality in polyester and the superior quality in a blend of cotton and wool. The Knight of Malta Tunic is made with premium quality fabric. So, We are one of the very few stores that offer cotton and wool masonic tunics. 

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