The Masonic Shoe/Masonic Blue Slipper

The Masonic Shoe/Masonic Blue Slipper

The Masonic Shoe/Masonic Blue Slipper

The Masonic Shoe, also known as the Blue Slipper, represents tangible proof of a spoken act. Masonry’s Loved Ones were identified by the Blue Slipper Pin. In ancient times, to give shoes to someone else, before this you are confirming a contract.

The First Degree: The Shoe symbolize a Promise

In the Book of Ruth in the Christian Bible, we read that Boaz a wealthy landowner proposed to the nearest kinsman of Ruth to exercised his legal right by redeeming Naomi’s land, and marrying her daughter-in-law. Since he was unable to do so, the kinsman quit his right to purchase Boaz.

In ancient Israel, a man removed his shoe and gave it to his neighbor, and this was a testimony in Israel. This is done because of redeeming and changing. Blue slipper is the first-degree symbol of a Covenant to be entered into. As a result, the little blue slipper has become a symbol of Masons’ protective power over their wives, daughters, and widows.

Third Degree: Removal of Both Shoes on Holy Ground

When we are reached to the holy land, we conduct discalceation removing both shoes as a sign of reverence. The angel of the Lord, says Joshua to remove both shoes. Because of the place he was standing the Holy Land. In Exodus 3, Chapter 3 angel of God ordered them to stop moving and remove their shoes before entering the holy land.

Jewish people and other Oriental nations have always used the Rite of Discalceation. When they entering the temples and other sacred places.

Muslims conducting devotions, leave their slippers at the mosque’s entrance. The ancient Peruvians entering the glorious temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun left their shoes on the porch.

Pythagoras said to his disciples to do worship removing the shoes.

Druids: perform religious rituals, druid removed their shoes.

All around the ancient world, people faith that the custom of worshipping gods was barefooted or removing shoes.When they entering the Holy Land. Some scholars said all humans under one family. The Bible says from Abraham all the nations came. Perhaps scientific evidence takes longer.

Some scholars explain that Discalceation’s beginnings from Moses but before him, it was derived from patriarchs. In ancient the Bible, no order in Moses’ law for priests to perform temple service without shoes. But they were old customs and Muslims or other nations have done this same.

However, we discover that the Masonic shoe is another Masonic symbol. This does not originate with freemasonry but derived from the Holy book. It shows us the evolution of human brotherhood, as symbolized by Freemasonry.

In ancient times, the blue slipper looks like a sandal. The men and women wore types of shoes like sandals

The Masonic Shoe/Masonic Blue Slipper

Many people wonder bout that the color of the sandal is brown. But the name is Blue Slipper. This is due to the fact that blue is a significant Masonic color.

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