Scottish Rite Masonic Cufflinks Pair


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Scottish Rite Masonic Cufflinks Pair

Cufflink – Scottish Rite Masonic Cufflinks Pair


  • Gold
  • Includes One Pair of Cufflinks
  • For Men’s
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Features a Double Headed Eagle Wings Up and Triangle

Masonic cufflinks are worn by Freemasons on a variety of occasions, from Craft Lodge, Blue Lodge, gatherings to Grand Lodge. Master Masons have worn these cufflinks in lodge meetings, official events or functions, ceremonies, funeral services.

The Grand Master, Grand Lodge officers, Scottish Rite, York Rite, and Shrine members, as well as members of other appendant Freemason societies, wear them. To wear these cufflinks members of freemasonry feel proud and honor. These cufflinks indicate that this person is a member of freemasons.

The eagle’s wings cufflinks slanted upward are worn by members of the Northern Jurisdiction. Therefore, Cufflinks with the eagle’s wings slanted downward are worn in the Southern Jurisdiction.

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