Kt Cross Breast Jewel

Breast Jewel – Kt Cross Breast Jewel


  • Metal gilt
  • Quality Jewel with Enamelled Knights Cross on Ribbon
  • The back of Jewel has a stickpin fitting
  • Hand-stitched edges
  • Gold plated and hard enameled cross on matching color ribbon with gold top bar.
  • The ribbon is hand-stitched. 
  • Gold Plated with Red enameled Cross
  • Jewel Width = 4cm
  • Jewel Height = 12.3cm
  • The ribbon is attach to the top bar and lower KT cross pendent
  • Polished to a high shine


The Knights Templar Breast Jewel is craft from excellent quality materials. This high-quality breast jewel will look great with your KT Regalia. The jewel is gold-plated with a rich red enameled cross on the lower pendant and has a stickpin fitting.

The colors you see will change based on your constitution. We are offering you the highest quality breast jewel, which includes a maroon ribbon, a professionally metal gilded jewel, and a robust stickpin fitting on the back. Our professional employees have created this magnificent breast jewel in a very elegant manner, with an outstanding level of detailing and finishing, and this basic breast jewel is ideal for any Freemason. You can present it to your loved ones as a gift.

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