Worshipful Master And Past Master Apron


Worshipful Master And Past Master Apron

Worshipful Master And Past Master Apron- Masonic Apron


  • High quality Master Mason Apron
  • Finest quality blue watermarked ribbon
  • Silver chromed die casted pair of tassels
  • Silver tassels protected inside the foamed cover
  • Pocket at the rear and soft padding
  • Adjustable belt with silver plated snake fitting
  • Excellent level of detailing and finishing
  • Available in Lambskin and Imitation Leather

Firstly, This apron is an Emblem of innocence and the badge of a Freemasons. And In Masonry, innocence means purity of life. A clear conscience and an unblemished moral record. As a result of its symbolic character, the color of the Masonic apron should always be pure, non-spotted white, and always made from lambskin.

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