R&S Grand Officer Collar


R&S Grand Officer Collar

Collar – R&S Grand Officer Collar


  • Collar with a Beautifully Tailored Fit
  • Gold Piping of the Highest Quality
  • Finely detailed stitching
  • Edging in gold and the center dome
  • Metal Swivel jewel clip with gilt
  • Gilt metal collar hook
  • 4-inch wide Ribbon
  • Well Padded for Comfort

Freemasons wear this Collar at special events and festivals. Firstly, we use the finest quality material in all our products. You can feel super comfortable by wearing this collar and make a good impression at a lodge, You can also gift this to your freemasons brothers. But, however, on the other hand, we’ve got a dedicated team of, production designers, shippers who work tirelessly to supply high-quality regalia promptly on time. Above all, we have all degrees and constitution regalia.

London Regalia offers at a reasonable price for our goods that is lower than another local supermarket. So, at a reasonable price, purchase your preferred product and save a huge amount of money.

Note: We accept all custom orders. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations. We are going to add a range of masonic rings for freemasons to fulfill their needs. All freemasons Masonic Rings will be of the best quality. Must check our other Aprons. You can also visit our UK freemasonry products shop here.


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