Provincial Senior London G rank full dress pack


Provincial Senior London G rank full dress pack

Lambskin Provincial Senior London G rank full dress pack comprises Grand Prov Full dress Apron. It is handmade and manufactured with the finest quality material. The apron comes with gold plated chain tassels and belt fitments with a pocket to the back. Crafted with blue and red moire craft ribbons on the flap and along sides.
This handmade apron is made by keeping all freemasonry beliefs in mind. The apron consists of highly polished jewels along with a belt at the back. There is a snake enclasp closure at the end of the belt. Highly polished gold tassels and belt fitments are add-ons to this masonic apron. Finished to a very high standard quality. Designed by keeping all the Freemason values in mind.

Grand Rank dress pack features:
1. A Lambskin London Grand Rank Full Dress Pack.
2. Best Quality Lambskin Full Dress Apron with Pocket.
3. Full Dress Collar with Hook.
4. Wire Embroidered Apron Badge.
5. Best Quality SLGR Collar Jewel.

Gloves details:
1. White 100% Cotton Masonic Gloves.
2. Embroidered Square and Compass on the wrist of each glove in blue & lodge number. (Optional)

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