Prince Masons Collar

Prince Masons Collar



1. Handmade Prince Masons Collar.
2. Black Reverse with 3 Red Crosses.
3. Neckline Fitted with Hook and Tip with Swivel Hook for Jewel.
4. Heavy raised gold bullion wire embroidery.
5. It comes in a clear cellophane sleeve.


Prince Masons Collar

Finest Quality handmade Prince Masons Collar is a Handmade Collar. It has a swivel clip to attach Jewel and Hook at the top to secure under Jacket Collar. You can also gift this beautiful collar to your fellows, brothers, and loved ones. Finished to a very high standard with Neck hook and Swivel hook for the jewel. An excellent combination of moiré fabric and lovely gold detail around the edging. Designed by keeping all the Freemason values in mind. The overall elegant design with a perfect color combination makes it the best gift for your Freemason brothers and dear ones. The inner of this beautiful collar comes in jet black color. Whereas the outer side of the collar comes with beautiful hand embroidered.

Prince Masons Collar features:

1. High-Quality handmade.
2. Neckline Fitted with Hook and Tip with Swivel Hook for Jewel.
3. It comes with a swivel hook to attach jewel.
4. Hand-finished detailed wire embroidery.
5. Manufactured with the finest quality of the material.
6. The elegant design with heavy embroidery and 3 crosses to reverse.

Note: Custom details are also welcomed. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations.
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