Pewter Entwined Serpent Kilt Pin With Stone Top


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Pewter Entwined Serpent Kilt Pin With Stone Top

Kilt Pin – Pewter Entwined Serpent Kilt Pin With Stone Top

Product Description:

kilt Pin featuring an entwined serpent motif finished with a colored stone. The kilt pin is a piece of jewelry. Kilt Pin is traditionally placed on the lower corner of the outer apron.

It is commonly used as a type of decoration. Kilt works the prevents the apron from falling or blowing open. It does not pin the outer apron, which is a common misconception, to the inner cloth.

With many featuring clan flags, national emblems, or native animals and plants. It is popular for kilt pins to be decorative. For the wearer, contemporary kilt Pins also symbolize personal interests, favorite locations or are customized.


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Note: We accept all custom orders. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations. We are going to add a range of Scottish Kilt to fulfill the needs. All Kilt Collection will be of the best quality. Must check our Masonic Aprons. You can also visit freemasonry history.


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