Masonic Regalia Apron Holder Shoulder Bag

Masonic Regalia Apron Holder Shoulder Bag



1. Waterproof Cordura or Imitation leather material.
2. High-quality Material.
3. Padded inner lining giving extra protection to your regalia.
4. Double-sided Zip.
5. Shoulder Strap & x2 Smaller carrying straps.


Masonic Regalia Apron Holder Shoulder Bag is designed in the way to secure your aprons from any bruise and damage. You can keep the costly and well-crafted Grand Rank size masonic aprons in it safely. The best feature of this beautiful bag is that it is lightweight, soft and durable to use. The material used in the manufacturing of the bag keeps it dust and waterproof. It will be the best gift for your Freemason brothers or the loved ones. It is available in different sizes with double-sided zip. Easily carry weight up to 1 KG. Grand Rank holder shoulder bag is perfect for all those who have grand rank-size masonic aprons.


1. Several pockets and compartments to put their masonic accessories like breast jewel, cufflinks, Gloves, etc.

2. Elegant Style, black in color.

3. Shoulder strap and 2 smaller carrying straps.

4. Inside fastening belt to keep the apron in place.

5. Available in 22″ x 18″ x 3.5 size.


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