Masonic craft tie bowtie & handkerchief


Masonic craft tie bowtie & handkerchief

Masonic Matching set of Craft 100% Silk Tie, Bowtie, and Handkerchief with Square and Compass running throughout on Dark Blue.  All items come in a clear sleeve. It would be the best item to gift your freemason brothers or other dear ones. Designed by keeping all the Freemason values in mind. An excellent option for those freemasons who love to wear ties that show the best craftsmanship. Latest fashion Pre-tied adjustable Bowtie crafted with 100% pure silk for comfortable wear throughout the day. The beautiful handkerchief comes with matching print and dark blue hemmed edge. Made with high-quality silk for a smooth and soft appearance. Available in a custom size and colors.

Masonic Craft Tie Set Features:

1. 100% silk tie, 56″ long with a 4″ blade.
2. Pre-tied adjustable silk craft bowtie.
3. Matching silk printed handkerchief with dark blue hemmed edge.
4. Hand-finished with the best quality inner lining.
5. Thick interlining, wrapped in cotton for longer wear, also gives a better knot and hang.
6. Suitable neck size: Double Windsor – 14″ to 17″ / Wrap Around – 14″ to 20″ / Footballer’s knot – 13″ to 18″
7. Packaged in a beautiful clear cellophane sleeve.

Note: Custom details are also welcomed. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations.
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