Mark Provincial Full Dress Apron Badge

Mark Provincial Full Dress Apron Badge



1. Handmade Badge.
2. 110mm x 105mm Diameter.
3. Collar Jewel with ring fitting.
4. 3M peel off sticky back to the badge.
5. Excellent quality.

SKU: LR-MB1310


Mark Provincial Full Dress Apron Badge comes with perfectly embroidered details. Padded with self-adhesive back. Beautifully crafted using Gold bullion thread by our experienced staff. Perfectly embroidered details and edging gives this badges a stunning look. Additional adhesive can be used when attaching to your apron for a stronger long-lasting fix. You can gift this beautiful badge to your fellows, brothers, and loved ones. This awesome badge would be a great addition to any masonic collection.

1. Excellent quality.
2. 3M Sticky peel-off back.
3. Hand sewn gold bullion wire.
4. 110mm x 105mm diameter.


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