Knights Templar Soft Case

Knights Templar Soft Case


Best Quality Large Knight Templar Soft Case.

SKU: LT-KT1012


Knights Templar Soft Case


  1. Perfect to carry all your KT Regalia.
  2. Best Quality Large Knight Templar Soft Case
  3. Approx. Size 37 inches x 8inches x 8inches
  4. Double End Zips
  5. Bag Made from Quality Durable Black Nylon Material
  6. Best Quality Knights Templar Soft Case Durable, long-lasting, dust and water proof
  7. Double End Zip
  8. Excellent to keep all your KT Regalia
  9. Best gifting option
  10. Beautifully crafted by craftsmen
  11. Available in all colors and sizes
  12. Soft Case is made with finest quality black nylon material. Knights Templars can carry their regalia (Tunic, Mantle, Gloves, Jewels, sword & scabbard etc. in this soft case

This is Lightweight Knight Templar soft case, made from durable soft waterproof material. Case has carrying straps to carry the case by hand. Its design making it ideal for easily carrying and storage of Knight Templar Tunic, Mantle Sword and others things. Currently this apron case is available in black, green, red color.

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