Knights Templar Past Preceptors Jewel Only

Knights Templar Past Preceptors Jewel Only



1. Gold plated crown & tigers emblems.
2. Masonic emblem at the center on the white enameled surface.
3. Oxidation resistant.
4. Smooth texture.
5. Perfectly polished edges.


Knights Templar Past Preceptors Jewel Only

Designed to the highest standards personalized with a hinge below the crown. Knights Templar Past Preceptors Jewel Only comes complete in a clear pouch. You can gift this beautiful badge to your fellows, brothers, and loved ones. This awesome badge would be a great addition to any masonic collection. Please provide the required engraving details when placing order. The center of the jewel comes with enameled details, whereas the boundaries come perfectly polished for a long-lasting shiny look. The jewel comes with a hinged crown at the top which is gold polished. This crown will provide a lasting shiny look. An excellent option for those freemasons who love to wear Masonic collection that show the best craftsmanship. The badge is gold polished for a better end shiny look. The well-designed jewel collection is one of the attractions for every freemason.

KT Past Preceptor Jewel Specifications:

1. Hinge below Crown, approximately 10cm x 7cm.
2. Affordable price.
3. Oxidation resistant.
4. High level of detailing and polishing.
5. It comes in a clear pouch.

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