Knight Templar Priest


Knight Templar Priest

Priest – Knight Templar Priest


  • Knight Templar Priests Metal Crossed Croziers
  • Quality Handmade Knights Priest Mitre
  • Maroon cross with gold braid trim
  • Knights Templar Priest Mantle
  • White Fabric inner lining
  • GOLD/Yellow Fringe
  • Standard Quality
  • These articles Handwoven and Crafted by very skilled Craftsmen.
  • They are Made entirely by Hand and made under the strict directions given by the Freemasonry.
  • We can provide them in all sizes since each customer is different

The Templar Order was founded in 1118 to preserve pilgrimage routes and maintain the custody of holy locations. Firstly, the Knights Templar thought themselves to be God’s Knights, preserving the church’s and Christianity’s honor. So, in the fights for the Holy Lands, the Templars fought with Crusaders. But, it was a military force that was extremely well-organized.

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