Irish Harp Kilt Pin


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Irish Harp Kilt Pin

Kilt pin – Irish Harp Kilt Pin

Product Description:

This heavily detailed kilt pin with emblem is a stunning example of Scottish craftsmanship. Maintain your modesty and finish off your kilt in a classic way with the Kilt Pin. Great for Irish and Scottish gents alike, this kilt pin is quick to slip through the front of a kilt to prevent the front panel from gaping. Crafted from a high-quality silver chrome alloy, the features a class sword with a swirled handle. A kilt is seen over the top in a high degree of detail.

It’s a piece of jewelry that is worn on the lower corner of the outer apron of a kilt. The kilt pin adds weight to the outer apron. these pins are also only seen as a form of decoration. They pick a kilt pin that represents who you are.


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