Grand Mark Apron and Collar


Grand Mark Apron and Collar

Grand Mark Apron and Collar – Hand Embroidered

Features: (Full dress)

  • Superior quality Grand Mark Apron and Collar
  • Hand embroidered apron and collar
  • Made from Lambskin
  • Metal gilt
  • The apron has a double metallic threaded fringe
  • Pocket to the Back with Adjustable waist
  • Button loop to help keep apron in place when wearing

Features: (Undress)

  • Hand Embroidered Apron and Collar, with Mark Embroidered levels.
  • Pocket at the back with adjustable waist belt
  • Made from Lambskin

Collar refer to the items of “uniform” that all Freemasons wear. There are different types of apron for difference degrees and ranks and a as a Master Mason, your Lodge’s brethren will look up to you when it comes to discipline and to dressing in full regalia. Your disciplinary record is impeccable, for such a high rank is bestowed on you. However, we can assure you that your regalia are in step with those of a true Mark Man.

We supply the wide range of regalia that you need. So, now, if you’re really looking forward to making the best impression at the Lodge then you are at the best place. Please visit our website and get your favorite regalia and save a huge amount of money.

Note: We accept all custom orders. We’ll love to discuss the latest trends & innovations. We are going to add a range of masonic rings for freemasons to fulfill their needs. All freemasons Masonic Rings will be of the best quality. Must check our other Aprons. You can also visit our UK freemasonry products shop here.




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