Always a Mason

Always a Mason

Always a Mason


Let no king quite put off his crown!

I still would have him kingly when

In some old inn, the king sat down

To banquet with his serving men.

I love a mild and merry persist,

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Whom Brothers toast, and neighbors prod;

Yet would I have him, at the feast,

A little of the man of God.

So, with a Mason: I would see

Him somewhat of a Mason still,

Though for from Lodge-rooms he may be,

In count, or counting-house, or mill.

Whatever garments he may doff,

What mark Masonic lay aside,

I would not have him quite put off

The craft he lately glorified

A soldier is a soldier though

He lays the sword aside awhile.

The time, the Place, I don’t know

Man may not serve, or may not smile.

I know no moment anywhere,

Whatever place the place may be,

A mason may not always wear

A little of his masonry.

Douglas Malloch

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