The Beacon Light – A Poem By Rob Morris

The Beacon Light – A Poem By Rob Morris

The Beacon Light

By Rob Morris

A city set upon a hill
Cannot be hid
Exposed to every eye, it will
Over surrounding plain and vale,
An influence shed,

Masonry, Masonry, Masonry

And spread the light of peace afar,
Or blight the land with horrid war.

Each Mason’s Lodge is planted so
For high display
Each is a BEACON LIGHT, to show
Life’s weary wanderers as they go,
The better way

The Beacon Light

To show by ties of earthly love,
How perfect is the Lodge above!

Be this your willing task, dear friends,
While laboring here
Borrow from Him who kindly lends
The heavenly ladder that ascends
The higher sphere
And let the world your progress see,

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