Architecture of the Knights Templar

Architecture of the Knights Templar

Architecture of the Knights Templar

The Templars Castle in London, England

The Templars Castle in London, England


The knight templars were great warriors in history. No doubt knight templars are monastic military order in the medieval ages. They were responsible to protect pilgrims in Jerusalem and traveling to the holy land. The Templars were involved in many battles, Crusades and they develop a banking system also.

Now the Templars were great “monks” in history. Templars have incredible war tactics and loyal to their flag. Still studied the history of knight templars today. Now monks built great castles. One of the most interesting aspects is templar architecture.

Some of the most interesting aspects of their design:

Battlements: It is a defensive part such as city walls or castles, or built on the top of the Castles.

Concentric: For the Knights Templar, it is a favorite castle. A castle is one that has two or more curtain walls, one of which is higher than the other. These walls used to defend both sides from enemies. They were trapped.

Gatehouse: One of the most defensive parts of any medieval fortress was the castle gatehouse. Gatehouses are the most defensive part of the Castle. Gatehouses normally had a variety of traps and obstacles to deter intruders.

The Great Hall:

A great hall was the main space of a royal palace. This is a nobleman’s castle or hall house. The family used this hall for eating and relaxing.

The Keep:

A keep is a type of fortified tower built inside castles. A single tower or a larger fortified enclosure served as the keep. It’s a big central tower. So in the attack case if all defensive collapse used this.

Masonic aprons, York Rite

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