Masonic Jewelry and Regalia

Masonic Jewelry and Regalia

Masonic Jewelry and Regalia

We read about the history of freemasonry. The interesting part of freemasons jewelry is who to used masonic regalia. Regalia is the most important part of freemasonry. Masonic regalia means a material or accessories used by freemasonry. Aprons, jewels, rods, and a variety of other items and materials worn and used by insiders according to Lodge and Degree are examples of Regalia. It is also a symbol of brotherhood.

Lodge Owned by Regalia

The masonic regalia owned by lodges are the following:

  • Candidates clothing
  • Officer aprons
  • Tiler’s sword
  • Masonic Costumes
  • Masonic Hoodwink
  • masonic rod tops
  • Warden’s Columns
  • The 3 Lesser Lights
  • The Bible
  • Master’s gavel
  • Jewels of officer, including chain and velvet collars
  • Funeral aprons

Items owned by personal members are the following:

  • White Masonic apron
  • Masonic Gloves
  • Masonic Hats, or caps
  • Past Master’s apron
  • Breast jewels
  • Masonic jewelry(rings, lapel pins, watches, etc)
  • Masonic Shirts

Masonic Gloves Black

Masonic Black Knights Templar Leather Gauntlets

Inherited Regalia and Jewelry

You hear but inherited regalia. It’s mean the member passed away and they left a number of things or jewelry. If you have inherited regalia, treat it with care. Display in their home or office. At any event, you can give gifts to your family member or gift Masonic lodges.

Gifting to Lodges

There are many lodges that exist they show their past member’s jewelry masonic items in lodges walls to pay them a tribute and show value to the newcomers. If your family member maintained membership in the lodge. So Contact these lodges and asked them about the masonic regalia items displayed or not.

In the united states, if you know about lodges check the contact book for a lodge near you. This way help them to found the white lodges specific name or yellow pages lodges under the Associations, Fraternal Organizations. If you don’t know bout the lodge name or location, please check through the internet. Or you can find it through your family Masonic Bible.

But if your family does not interested in masonic regalia. Please gave those masonic lodge jewelry to the lodge of the state.

antique masonic jewelry is as the following:

  • Vintage/Gold Masonic rings
  • Knights of Templar rings
  • Eastern Star jewelry
  • Scottish Rite rings
  • Masonic cufflinks
  • Masonic lapel pins
  • Masonic Pendants
  • Mason watch
  • Shrine rings

CuffLinks Masonic Black Lodge

Sell Your Masonic Jewelry

If you want your masonic memorabilia for sale. Help guide provided. You can go jewelry shop. Examine the jewelry in and know about the jewelry is gold or silver or 14k, 24k. Ask the jeweler they purchase their items or not.

Online sell

You can sell your freemasons jewelry on online platforms like masonic jewelry eBay. You can sell them at here good price.

Gold Masonic Rings:

If you have original masonic gold rings 18k. Now you can go jeweler shop and sellout them at a good price.

Silver Masonic Rings:

You can sell your silver masonic ring at a good price but also know that this ring is not expensive as a gold ring. The best is to sell online sites like eBay or Craigslist.

Sell Past Master’s Jewel:

If you have pst master jewel you can sell them in a few shops because most people did not use past master jewel. you can also sell out online on eBay or craigslist.

Many people wore regalia jewelry masonic without members of the freemasonry. If you have masonic stuff for sale, many people purchased them and wore them with pride and honor.

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