Women and the Knights Templar

Women and the Knights Templar

Women and the Knights Templar

The Knights Templar are without a doubt one of the most well-known groups of the medieval world. Many movies or novels depict bout their secretive nature explored. The knight templars are respected for their loyalty, bravery, devotion to their faith. Many myths around the life of Knight templars. The Knights’ friendship with women is one of the most understudied facts of their lives.

The Temple Order’s rule adopted a conservative monastic approach toward women. On the other hand, indicates that the brothers had a more secular approach toward women. In reality, it motivates its members to stay as far away from women as possible. No female templar searched the history.

The knights’ “way of life” includes no physical interaction with women of any sort, even members of their own families. Despite this, a Templar nunnery can be found in Mühlen, Austria, and it is officially recognized as such. And there are many accounts of female members of the order in the cartularies of the Templar buildings, at least at the associate rank of Consoror or Donat.

Women were not allowed to enter the monastic order but some women secretly contributed to the organization. Women did not prevent their bonds with the Knights Templar. It is thought to find women’s history in knight templar time. The knight templars were great warriors and monks in history. Many places to see that some knights allow women to participate in orders.


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