Knights Templar was a great warrior in history. They fought in many crusades. They gave strict training and follow principles. In the battle, they never give up because they know that fought for God. The Knights Templar continue to fascinate even 700 years after their dissolution.

The Templars were one of the wealthy and most influential military orders in Western Christianity. The Templars wore white mantle with a red cross. The Knights Templar was monastic order in medieval. Their work was to kill God’s enemies. The Hospitallers got their start in an 11th-century Jerusalem hospital that cared for ill and needy pilgrims. In Jerusalem, the hospital’s superior, a monk named Gerard, stepped up his efforts. They helped the pilgrims to the Holy Land, primarily with medical and other needs.

From the early twelfth to the middle of the thirteenth century, the Templars and Hospitallers were the two most prominent and oldest of the main Military Orders of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1248, Pope Innocent IV established a uniform for the Hospitallers to wear during war. They wore a red surcoat with a white cross on it.

The Hospitallers, along with the Templars, were the most important military order in the Holy Land. When the Muslims grabbed Jerusalem in 1187, the Hospitallers moved their headquarters to Margat first, and then to Jerusalem in 1197.

In the end, king Philip of France orders to arrest of the knights templar. The various charges against the templars like heresy. So the Hospitallers absorbed much of the Templar infrastructure, with much of the Order’s wealth flowing into royal coffers. The Hospitallers fled to Cyprus and Rhodes after the Middle East Crusades ended.

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